How to Get into Banking with No Experience

Many students want to break into investment banking, but have no finance experience and come from non-target schools. They often ask, “How do I get a finance job when they all require prior experience – which I don’t have?” It’s a chicken-or-egg issue, and students in this situation are often unable to stand out and land stellar jobs.

To get into investment banking without prior finance experience, there are a couple of ground rules:

  1. For recruiting, your main objective is to captivate the bankers and get them interested in you by differentiating yourself.
  2. Given your current situation, you don’t want to compete through traditional channels of student clubs and internships, because that’s not your strong suit yet. Notably, everyone uses those channels, so you would have to beat out far more people to stand out, and many candidates have more resources and credentials or started earlier.

Instead, change the game so that it plays out in your favor – bring something new to the table that catches the hiring manager’s eye while showing your initiative and interest.

But how? Below are two methods that you can use to disrupt the investment banking hiring process to land a job even with a non-traditional background.

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