You don't really know about a job until you do it


What we do

We provide work simulations to help you find your desired career path and connect you with top employers.


Our Vision

We envision a world where students can learn about all the different types of opportunities available in this world and don't have to recruit for 6 months to 4 years just to find out if they like a job or not

  • A world where learning about a job doesn't just come from reading job descriptions or talking to someone at a networking event


Our Process

Introduction vf.png


Receive background overview & directions from your “boss”

Working vf.png


Experience the tasks and thrills faced by a real analyst

Participant Report vf.png


Understand your strengths & weaknesses through a report

benefits for you

Our simulation program helps you achieve the following:

  • Discover your dream job — try out different roles to decide which one fits you best

  • Stand out against peers — prepare for recruiting and internships through the best possible method - by actually doing the job

  • Make improvements in a safe environment — make all the mistakes here, not on the job

  • Work on real-life tasks that you may not receive as an intern

I used BrainCeek’s simulation prior to the fall semester of 2017. Prior to the simulation, I studied the guides and memorized some answers but didn’t have a full grasp of what an analyst actually does. During this simulation, I was introduced to all types of aspects and real-world events to test my ability to work under pressure, utilize Excel shortcuts, understand basics of valuations and models, and meet deadlines. I highly recommend it — it doesn’t matter if you have any prior finance working experience or not. This simulation will help you answer two questions: 1. What exactly is the job? 2. Do I actually like the work I would be doing?

I can honestly say that without this simulation and experience, I would not have landed my dream internship for summer of 2018 at J.P. Morgan.
— Jacob, Columbia University Student